Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dena's Look...Buckaroo Boutique NFR Style Guide

The super bowl of the western fashion world!

I never actually understood this time of the year until I went to the NFR last year and let me just say what a fun time of the year to dress up! Fringe, Sequins, Feathers and heels come out during the finals week. 

Every year I have put together items to snag and wear while in Vegas...this year I wanted to do more. I wanted to put together actual looks that were budget friendly and could serve a practical purpose. I know we all buy clothing that we have only worn once for a specific event..I am guilty..but my intent for this years fashion looks was to pick fun, practical and have the capability to be worn again. We are putting together our first Buckaroo Boutique Style Guide and will be adding to it up until the first of December! Each week I will feature one look! I will give links and talk a little bit about the items listed! This week's look....

Dena's Look

This look features our:

This look has a pop of color with the hat and pants..then the jacket adds a little vegas to the look! The pants are high waisted, wide legged and so so cute on! You could add a belt to them, wear with a crop top..jump suit or a tee like we styled here! We modeled them with boots and booties...wedges would be cute too! This jacket is one of my favorite pieces I have gotten in so far this year! Its a polyester material so its a lighter weight jacket that will keep you warm while walking around Vegas but you wont be too hot when you go to watch the rodeo or enter your favorite night spots! The ranchers hat...let me just say I am so excited for these. I have been looking for a good looking hat that you can style up but not spend a fortune on..I am OBSSESSED with these!!! The choker she is wearing...I am admitting I wear this choker DAILY! I love it..I actually have two incase one breaks or I loose it...now you know a little secret of mine! 

Tell me what you think of this look and others...

Thaysha, Owner

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Yes Im a ranch wife......

Hey Buckaroo Babes....

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself...and not just give you the ole Hi my name is and I'm from...REALLY introduce myself!

Lets start from the beginning...have I always loved fashion? Yes, but I wasn't like so crazy about it, that I dreamed of designing and wanted my life to revolve around clothing everyday. I was more like, oh I love that and need that and wanna start wearing this even if its not a BIG deal at the time kind of girl! I was born in Colorado, I am a true Colorado girl at heart. What in the world does that mean you ask? That means, I love seasons...trees...rivers...I can be sweet but tough all at once. I grew up showing sheep for 4-H..yep 11 years strong! Whoot! I also rode horses and was blessed to play any sport I wanted to try, like Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Dance Team...if you know me personally you know I LOVE TO DANCE!! I moved to Nevada in 2007 with my now hubby! The Nevada area is now my home and love. This is where I started to learn about the "Buckaroo" lifestyle and was amazed by everything I saw and have learned! After many peaceful and amazing years married (Like the peaceful and amazing part...haha!) we have been blessed with three wild boys! We now live on and operate a beautiful ranch in Northeastern Nevada where we are blessed to run some of our own cows and small heard of sheep...yes I LOVE sheep!

So I'm a ranch wife...I am the free labor that my husband uses to the core! I love the lifestyle and feel blessed to have it! I have learned sooooo much over the years and not just from my husband! I mean...when I met him and we started dating, I was introduced to his family and friends. And let me say...I thought I could really ride and all that jazz...wow! I couldn't even swing a rope! I have some of the most talented people in my life that have taught me a thing or two about this whole Buckaroo life! Now I wanna stop here...I am by no means an amazing rider..roper or anything to that extent! Lets think back here, in the 11 years I have been around this lifestyle...for 8 years...I have been pregnant, nursing or just tending to the little humans in my life! I feel like I have had to retrain myself  after each child, the funny thing is after a year of being pregnant..then nursing..when my husband would give me "the look" like go get your horse, its your turn to rope in the branding trap...ahhhhh...scared the crap out me....STILL DOES! That can be our secret though! LOL! But..I have learned a lot in the branding trap..I  have learned to humble myself and how not to wanna hang myself with my rope when I cant catch anything!!

So can I tell you what I love the most about the ranch lifestyle...hopefully I haven't bored you completely to death by now...but its being able to work hand and hand with my husband...yes you heard correctly! HAHA! Things may get a little crazy once we get around a 4 legged animal...he may (or may not...he wont admit it) take me with him to "check things" so I can open gates...hey I'm one heck of a gate opener man...BUT I LOVE it all! I feel like I am so blessed to learn daily from a man like him (and lets face it, teach him some things to that he pry wouldn't admit that were "my idea")...but we get to work together...learn together....get no sleep together..and most of all laugh together!! So for all you ranch wifeys out there...heres to you...the on call equipment operator...the official gate getter...the Vet assistant...on call supply getter...the diaper changer...the lunch prepper for those unexpected guests! You are the bossbabe...you are the sweet sound that is yelling across the corral because you don't wanna be the human fence you were asked to be! You my sister are one fierce...one tough...one soothing...one well rounded chick! I know it might not seem like a lot to be the one standing outside the branding trap watching, tending to the kids and fixing lunch or the one always running to get what he might have forgotten, but let me tell you...that matters...that matters to me, because I have been there and so have most! I know we don't get killer pictures posted of the shots we made to save a child before they ate something they weren't supposed to or gathering the millions of outside toys that we brought to keep our kids somewhat entertained...but dang it...it counts for a lot!

So I guess I started this little blog wanting to talk about myself...well not really..HAHA! But so you all could get to know me...but really its getting to know any ranch wife out there! When I'm home, I am in a hat...lately manly overalls and the cutest thing I might have on are my earrings. But when I come to town, I LOVE to dress up and wear fun things...so I guess that's what Buckaroo Boutique is! It represents me! Not afraid to get dirty and work hard wearing manly overalls and guy hats ...but loving to wear something when we dress up that no one else would! So when you shop Buckaroo Boutique...keep in mind that you are helping to promote this crazy life we call the ranch life...and you are supporting a ranch family!

Thanks for reading...I hope I entertained you in some way...and I hope you just find the joy in your life...whatever your lifestyle may be!

May God bless you...may you find love in everything you do and may you wear something no one else wants to! 

-Thaysha Groves
Buckaroo Boutique 

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A decade....

10 Years...I cant believe it! In October 2007, Buckaroo Boutique was born! Can I just say, I never really imagined that 10 years later I would be writing a blog about all the exciting things about Buckaroo Boutique! I mean my first Buckaroo Boutique "home party" was a small box of items and I had to "place orders" with everyone that wanted to buy anything because my 10 pairs of earrings, 1 pair of flip flops and 1 belt sure didn't cut it! Ok I might have had a bag or two! Can we take a trip down memory lane together? 

Home parties and local Holiday shopping events is how it all started!! I was Preggers at some, nursing at others! Then some I was just sneaking in a show or party at night while kiddos would be getting ready for bed with Dad! I have kept my shows and events pretty local...my farthest home party was in Colorado where I grew up! I enjoyed setting up shop in homes and doing all kinds of events! 

I have had 8 major photoshoots over the years and lots of model shoots for merchandise! And can I just say I have had some of the best little models! I am such a blessed girl...these girls have become great friends and  most have become family! 

 First BB Shoot~ 

So many memories from my past shoots...we have been in meadows, old barns, hay fields, railroad tracks, alleys...freezing, hot and all of it was PERFECT!! 

My kids became a really big part of my job...they attended photshoots...trips to the post office to ship orders..trips to town to meet ladies with their items! Play room areas designed around my office space so I could work and they could make messes! That's why it was such a great way for me to do what I loved and still be able to raise my kiddos! 

They even help during my photoshoots! 

Launched our Website in 2014!!!! This was our very first website homepage...

Reps and sponsorships~

I have had reps from all over the USA..these girls have become family! They love BB and wanted to add it to their everyday lives. I feel so blessed to have reps to this day! They are BB! 

I have sponsored girls through BB for 4 years now! I love it...the friendships I have built through it has been incredible. Can I just say, there are so many talented, beautiful ladies in this world! Love getting to know them, whether become a rep or sponsored gal...or just trying out! ALL BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! 


My support system from family and friends is really more than what any girl could ask for! I feel so blessed to have built the relationship I have through Buckaroo Boutique! I love being able to meet the fashion needs s=of so many ladies! Every order I ship or every in store order I bag, I feel so blessed. Its not just selling stuff to people for me, its building relationships with woman all over the USA and other countries! When someone wears my goodies and lets me knowhow much they love it, I feel like it connects us! I will continue to own and operate Buckaroo Boutique as long as the Lord allows me to, I hope to continue to build friendships that last a lifetime and most of all....I want to laugh and have fun! God bless you all for supporting Buckaroo Boutique our first 10 years. here's to many more years of fun, fashion and selfie posts! 

- Thaysha, Owner Buckaroo Boutique 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The real Buckaroo Boutique Photoshoots....

Many of you know I have 3 wild boys...they mostly work with me! Whether it's in the BB office or even my super professional photo shoots! Haha..professional is not quite the word! So my topic for this post...

The real BB Photoshoots! 

Sometimes, I have models come to my office and take pictures with my goodies on!  These have been pretty much low key when it involves my kiddos....they play and I try to take the best photos I can before they can get too bored! I have taken many pictures with my baby in one arm while I'm trying to balance my heavy camera in the other! Moms really amaze me by what they can do with one hand! 

And let's face it...all models like the scream of a cranky baby in the background! Who doesn't like that! Really helps to set the mood for the pic! 

But my latest adventure has been my Solo Photoshoots out at our ranch! When my husband can...he acts as my photographer! He has told me...never thought I would be taking pics of clothing! Well..honey life brings many surprises! Most the time when I use him as my BB photographer, he gets work exchanged for it! Once I helped move the excavator in heels on the way back from our mini photo shoot! 

But when he isn't available...it's all me! I know your thinking wait..how the heck is she managing 3 kids..setting a timer and getting a usable picture?! I say usable because I don't think it's some of the best model pics out there! Haha! 

So let's set the mood of a real life BB photo shoot! 

Mid day...wind is usually blowing about 30 miles an hour. It's days that I have showered and went to town all morning...because who wants to shower and dress up on days you don't really have too! Baby is usually sleeping in the house! Afternoon nap time! 
I get all excited and start playing dress up! Makeup..and fun hair! Even lip stick sometimes! Then I get to put my outfit together! Yeah..pulling items from my closest I rarely get the opportunity to wear because when in the heck does my ranch wife...mom life call for heels and bright lipstick!? So after the bold makeup and crazy..well crazier hair than my day to day style..and half the bottle of hair spray..because remember the wind is blowing about 30+ miles an hour...I pack my "model bag" which consists of well tons of jewelry...tops I have to model and hair spray! Then I head out to find a spot not too far from the house cause the baby is sleeping! Finally alone..some quiet time for Mom..I set my timer on my camera or phone..whichever has more battery life at the time and it's time to be fierce! Haha...what ever the heck that means! Snapping pics as the wind is just blowing and blowing...then finally a good break of wind and I know this is my best pic yet...

Where the heck did they come from?! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As one adventure ends.....

As our first year of sponsorship comes to an end and another year begins, I am so blessed to say that we had an amazing first year of Sponsorship! I could not have asked for better girls to sponsor! As I write this small blog about them, I try to fight back the tears because our time of sponsorship has come to an end!

Nevada Gal, DeeAnna

Our Nevada Gal DeeAnna has been so active in her college rodeo and cutting competitions. I have enjoyed getting to know her and watching her accomplishments in the rodeo world. I was so glad to meet her at the BB photo shoot last fall. She took some of the most amazing pictures and was a blast to work with. As she continues her college and rodeo adventures, I will be in her cheering section!

You miss DeeAnna, are such an amazing young lady with a huge love for your horses and family! I have been honored to have you represent Buckaroo Boutique!


Out of Area Gal, Kalyn

Our Out of Area gal Kalyn is located in Oklahoma. She has been so active in the American Nation Cattlewomen and attended and graduated Oklahoma State. She was also the recipient of the outstanding senior and animal science department outstanding senior award!  You miss Kalyn, are such an amazing and strong young lady with a strong love for the Lord and the beef industry! I have been honored and humbled to have you represent Buckaroo Boutique as our first BB Out of Area Gal.

As she settles into her career and plans for her wedding to the man of her dreams, I will be in her cheering section for years to come. I can't wait to see where life takes you!


These gals will always be dear to my heart. They are both outstanding young women and where ever the road takes them, they will succeed! Thanks for choosing to be a part of Buckaroo Boutique! Not only have you both been great faces of BB, but I have acquired two future friends for life!!

Thaysha Groves,
Owner Buckaroo Boutique

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BB Christmas wish list

There are so many amazing gifts our there to get for that special someone on your list! I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of some of my favs for the season! 

Here's my BB Christmas Wish List: 


Love me like you love...Branding Season! 
This is a store favorite. Designed by our new vendor and friend right here in the USA and carried at Buckaroo Boutique! 

With the branding tops being so popular, we came up with this idea...our girl Amy totally took our idea and created a new store favorite! Love me like hunting season! Who can relate to that?!

One of our many favorites from our newest line at BB...LHTX! Also made and designed in the U.S.! 


These earrings are to die for! Made and painted right here in the U.S.! You will see these at BB in the coming weeks! 


       Scarves...headbands oh my! 

Our friend at Shannon's Shop, inside Shabby Shanty in Elko has these adorable gloves and long tassle necklaces! 

Did someone say Fringe Boots?! 
      These are so comfy! 
Available through Buckaroo Boutique! 

Home Decor:

Here's some of my favorite home decor gift ideas....

I don't think I need to say much about this piece! LOVE! This adorable pantry is available at Shabby Shanty! 

Someone on your list need a little table or bar?! These colors are so great together! These tables are well crafted! 

Arrows are definitely popular right now and these pillows over at The Crazy Mare are some of my favs! 

Also available at The Crazy Mare...these are so cute! Can be just decor or fill them with stuff! 

How about holiday decor:
Also available at The Crazy Mare! 

The Littles: 

Nawnie's Boutique..inside Shabby Shanty in Elko carries some fun items for all the littles on your list! These are some fun games! She also makes a lot of cute baby gifts. 

These are just some of our favorite ideas for Christmas or any gift! I tend to gravitate to things that are made locally or within the U.S.! There are so many crafty people out there! Don't forget..shop small!! 

❤️ Thaysha 
Buckaroo Boutique 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our past photo shoots!

One of my favorite things to do in my business is our annual Photoshoots! We are gearing up for our 4th shoot in November and I thought it would be fun to see all our past shoots!

          This was from our 2014 shoot!

Our first shoot was in a run down part of town, which we both loved! The girls were close friends and one of Jennifer's daughters ( Jennifer is our fab photographer)! I loaded up with props and BB goodies. Outfit changes took place in the back seat of my mega cab and the girls had a lot of laughs!

 These are some of my favorite pictures from that day! 
                Spring 2013 models

Love this one, all the chairs, boots and some BB tops! Even used my hubby's braided reata! Girls look fierce!

          These big cement tubes were fun to take pictures in!

This is one of my all time favorites! Our girl Paige rocking it!

In the fall of 2013, we did a shoot out at a friends ranch! My dear friend from Vault denim Jeans, Cali, joined us and supplied all the jeans! I remember we had outfit changes around hay stacks and the wind was a little crazy but we got some great shots!

Jennifer our photographers daughter! She is stunning!

Our girl Paige rocking some of our goods and the flag!

In 2015, we had a photo shoot on the ranch my husband was working for at the time! This place has some fabulous old buildings and great spots!! The girls came to my house to get ready, we had snacks and goodie bags! I had outfits and jewelry laid out and we loaded up in the trucks and headed for the spot!

These girls were so fun and did an amazing job!! Our dear friend Cali with Vault Denim supplied our jeans again! And I was also lucky to have another dear friend come give ideas!!!

     Our models rocking our newest line at that time, Ali Dee Collection!

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful sister that traveled from Colorado to be in this shoot!

      Our girl Ashley totally rocked this shot!

         Kaley in one of our fav Ali Dee Tops! 

      I absolutely love the colors in this picture! Morgan rocked it! 

I love this shot! Teya and Kaitlyn totally look fierce!

It was a fun day! 

Back row: Ashley, Teya, Kaley, Kaitlyn Morgan. Front row: Cali, Vault Denim,; Thaysha, owner BB

I always feel so humbled that ladies come and participate and represent my little business so well! I always get compliments on all the past photos! I want to give a huge shout out to my girl Jennifer! She takes the best pictures ever and I am so lucky that she continues to want to snap BB pics! If you need fabulous family pictures contact my girl on Facebook! Click on the link below to check out all her work!

I also wanna thank my girl Cali for supplying jeans for the past couple shoots! Those jeans are adorable! We will miss you this year! 

Some other thank you's go to my friend Lacie for giving amazing input, my sister for traveling so far to be apart of this and ALL my past BB models! You all are beautiful and represented BB fabulously! Thank you all so much!

 I can't wait for our upcoming November shoot!! 

Thanks for reading,
Thaysha, Owner Buckaroo Boutique

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